LAND2 Projects

  • Confusing Shadow with Substance

    The installation will be shown in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick from 22nd July – 27th August 2017. The artists will give a gallery talk about the work (date TBC).

  • Re-emergence 2012

    Sarah Rhys
    I began this project in Spring 2011and it is on-going site specific piece of work. It is part of my interest in Place and Memory. Re-emergence evolved out of a compelling response to a confrontation of the place that was my childhood home and is now a National Trust property. It has changed hands many times during the interim years and each time I visit I experience the dual reality of my past and my strong sense of place and the physical present of how the house is now.

  • Space of Place

    Helen Burgess 2011
    My recently completed MA research, explored how a phenomenological experience of place could be effectively translated using the medium of pinhole photography. I chose to focus on pinhole photography because I was sure that its technical characteristics could begin this translation, the infinite depth of field and flattened field of representation, as well as the long exposure times that capture movement.

  • The Role Of Collections And Archives In Art Practice

    Land2 Seminar Thursday 30th June 13:00 - 16:00
    Huddersfield Art Gallery

    Presentations by Deborah Gardner, Louise K Wilson , Sarah Hansonand David Walker-Barker

  • Sediment: Exploring the layers of Victoria Park

    David Smith
    Sediment is a journey through a physical space, guided by the technology of satellite signals and hand held computers. All you have to do is walk. It explores the layers of Victoria Park in Bristol, but this could be any park in any city.

  • Moving Between The Lines

    This unusual and provocative publication is one tangible outcome from an ongoing conversation formalized by members of two disciplines - Geography (at the University of Bristol) and the Visual Arts (at the University of the West of England) and, increasingly, between staff and students at number of other Higher Education institutions in the south west of England and in Wales.

  • Jez Hattosh-Nemeth : 'Maritimia' exhibition, 'Sealine' performance, 'Lavernock' installation

    Jez Hattosh-Nemeth
    Works in an exhibition of contemporary Welsh artists held at Cardiff University's School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, a collaborative performance that drew a physical line using chalk to link the exhibition at Cardiff University to the sea at Cardiff Bay, and and interpretation of a personal connection with the beach landscape at Lavernock Point which juts into the Bristol Channel south of Cardiff.

  • Weaving with Stones

    Summer 2009: The Pebble Beds Project archaeological dig directed by Professor Christopher Tilley.
    Priscilla Trenchard
    I had been considering embarking on a project that would involve making a cairn on Budleigh Satlerton beach, and monitoring the connection people would have with the cairn, their interest and attraction to the colourful pebbles and the journeys they had undertaken in order to get to the beach. So it was with great interest I heard about the four-year Pebble Beds Project.

  • Fieldwork : An Tobar, Tobermory, Isle of Mull - March/April 2009

    The work exhibited as Fieldwork comes out of a week long visit made by ten members of LAND2 to the Hebriddean island of Mull. An Tobar, TheTobermory Arts Centre, is based in the Victorian school building overlooking the picturesque harbour on the Isle of Mull.

  • John Harper : Broken and Breaking Ground

    Throughout 2005-2008 I have been engaged on a series of related projects that have centred on the rural landscape of Northamptonshire, each of which has financed by bursary and development funding by The Arts Council of England. The aim of the commission was to pilot a programme of international artists residencies at the gallery through the production of new work and an accompanying publication.

  • LAND2: Mull Transect

    During the week of April 14th, 2008, seven members of LAND2 and three PhD students, together with the photographer Josh Biggs, visited the Isle of Mull with a view to working separately and together in its geologically unusual and historically rich landscape.

  • LAND2 proposal January 2007

    Melanie Thompson
    I started as a dancer, moved in physical theatre, became a performance artist and then a public one. I am now trying to develop site sensitive works that encapsulate my varied practice through collaboration. Collaboration with landscape, artists who offer me different skills and people from my local community. I have travelled away from home to work for many years so I am now focusing on the places and history I inhabit through two different projects.

  • Winter Growing Fields; Landscape and Estrangement : Andrew Langford

    This research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, is due to be completed and disseminated in the spring of 2008. The research explores the aesthetic and conceptual territory between fixed viewpoint, high-resolution photography and experiments with materials, sequences and events.

  • Bridges

    Bridges is a publication / exhibition project where each member of LAND2 was invited to provide a 'postcard' comprising an image and, if appropriate, a text and to invite a friend to join them in doing the same. The aim is to gather together a set of diverse visual images and texts related to the word 'bridge' as a means of indicating what that word evokes to a broad range of individuals - not all of whom are visual artists by profession.

  • The Dig Project

    The Midsomer Norton Dig Project, Summer 2005 was a pilot inter-disciplinary project that aimed to use a local Archaeological Dig as a method of locating art practice(s). The project consisted of 5 female artists, 1 undergraduate student, 3 postgraduate students and 1 postgraduate.

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