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LAND2 Texts

Contained Histories

Iain Biggs and David Walker-Barker

From Blacker Hill to Boltsburn

David Walker Barker

Between Carterhaugh and Tamshiel Rig: a borderline episode

transcribed, compiled and edited by Iain Biggs

Wild Things

Iain Biggs

Eight Lost Songs

Iain Biggs

So Near [a conversation] So Far

Iain Biggs looks at the work of Deborah Gardner, Jane Millar and Andrea Thoma


Ruth Jones

In Search of a Hidden Landscape

David Walker-Barker and Chris Rawson-Tetley. Artworks at Killhope, the North of England Lead Mining Museum, Upper Weardale, County Durham

LAND2 at the Royal West of England Academy, Summer 2005

An Abundance of Metaphorical Diversity, Tricha Passes

Performance on an edge

Dan Shipsides describes his practice.

Preoccupations and contexts 'after landscape'

lain Biggs and Judith Tucker

The Homeland of Pictures

Reflections on Van Gogh's Place Memories, Griselda Pollock

Beyond Landscape?

David Hill

Judith Tucker : Resort (ii)

Monica Bohm - Duchen

Taking Time

Lily Markiewicz