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Links to sites related, and of interest to LAND2.

In the Open: collaborative artworks around places, landscape and environment

Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo have a photo essay of In the Open, Sheffield in Plumwood Mountain AN AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF ECOPOETRY AND ECOPOETICS Volume 5 Number 2. We are very grateful to the editor Anne Elvey for this opportunity to have a permanent online record of this exhibition.

Mapping Spectral Traces

Mapping Spectral Traces is a unique collaboration of artists and academics. It is an international, trans-disciplinary group, exploring place, belonging and the (sometimes) violent histories that shape our landscape.

The site hosts copies of the publications of the network, details of its events, photographs of the good people who lend their talent and energy to the project and, of course, examples of their inspirational artwork, see for example the lovely posters and catalogue from a recent meeting in Virginia USA. The network has also launched its own blog and invited visits from anyone interested in how one might map the spectral traces of violent histories.

Bordering Art

Site containing information regarding Bordering Art, an interdisciplinary research project that combines cultural geography with artistic practice to creatively explore the relationships between identity and place along the Anglo-Welsh border.

Andrew Langford

The website of Artist and Land2 member, Andrew Langford. Contains informmation about work and projects as well as images etc.

The Royal West of England Academy

Site containing works and information about many of the members of LAND2 including Paul Gough, Michael Porter and Emma Stibbon

Paul Gogh

Featuring essays, catalogues and Galleries of his work, and the work of other War Artists.

Wild Conversations Press

'Wild Conversations Press' website, featuring the artwork and bookart of Iain Biggs and other artists.

Book Arts

Research, projects, ongoing and archived exhibitions site featuring Artists' books. Featuring many of the artists who are included in LAND2.

The aim of is to initiate discussion and practice-based projects, which address the notion of village within contemporary cultural discourse and development. As an umbrella organisation will initiate and host various projects, which look at particular issues or areas. Each project will have its own programming/managing and advisory board.