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Iain Biggs: Notitia, Trust, and Creative Research 


LAND2 co-ordinator Iain Biggs has a chapter - Notitia, trust, and “creative research” - in a book just published in honour of Jane Rendell, Professor of Architecture and art at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. Organised and edited by Katja Hilevaara & Emily Orley (2018) The Creative Critics: Writing as/about Practice London & New York, Rutledge, serves as testimony to Jane's extraordinary commitment to bringing people together and inspiring them to think through, and practically support, their own and their students' work in intellectually innovative, creative yet rigorous trans-disciplinary ways through writing about the arts and architecture. The collection throws light on how we might best answer the question: 'as practitioner-researchers, how do we discuss and analyse our work without losing the creative drive that inspired us in the first place?' Both a celebration and a set of practical exemplars, it should be of interest to a wide constituency of LAND2 members. The link to the publisher's page is at: