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Jez Hattosh-Nemeth

Associate Member

Jez’s present work explores notions of division, border and identity socially and physically in their broadest interpretations. The works use a range of media from mark, installation, photography, word, video and print. Elements and chosen media are often incidental, residual evidence of activity and performance, where the work itself exists in the experience of the participants. The work becomes an instrument to challenge preconceptions and explore opportunities for new insights to develop.

Jez received an MA in Multimedia and Information Design from University of Wales College Newport researching arts performance technology using voice recognition software.

Hattosh-Nemeth was a founder member of 'Miranda Rights', an interactive performance group alongside Paul Verity-Smith (Brunel University), and Martin Dupras (Bath Spa University), using sensor-based Pure Data technology, dancers, video and sampled instrumental music in performance. The work was shown at the Institute of contemporary arts (ICA London, 2003). Interaktionslabor, Geottelborn (Germany 2005) with Johannes Berringer. Digital Cultures Festival, Nottingham (December 2005), and several performances in Peoples Republic of China, Central Academy of Fine Art (2006 Beijing), sponsored by UK Trade and Investment/Design Council.

Canadian by birth, Australian/British by nationality, Jez trained originally as a fine art conservator. He obtained his first degree in sculpture/mixed media/installation Falmouth school of art 1992. he went on to work in a range of creative industries as a graphic designer, illustrator and storyboard artist. Jez was also a visualizer and animator for the record industry. He has worked at all levels of education and is currently a Senior lecturer at School of Creative Arts at the University of the west of England. He lives in Wales.


  • 2009
    • 'Sealine' 2.7 mile line drawn Through Cardiff city center, physically linking Cardiff University to the Bay. Performance Saturday 24th October
    • Photographer Jo Haycock
    • 'Maritimia' exhibition of works by 14 contemporary Welsh artists -two installation pieces, Cardiff University School of Optometry and vision sciences
  • 2006
    • Performances in Peoples Republic of China, including the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and Shanghai.
  • 2005
    • 'L'Instant Decisif', as part of Miranda Arts interactive performance group, Digital Cultures Festival, Nottingham
    • Interaktionslabor, Geottelborn, Saarland, Germany Two week arts residency creating a number of public performances
    • Arts Council for Wales, in support of Youth Arts Wales, City Hall, Cardiff
    • 'Song line' CGI Pure data/music Performance, collaboration with performers Ilbordello + Cube Cinema, Bristol
    • 'Show', The Point, Cardiff
  • 2004
    • Lamostra Gallery, Cardiff -Sculpture/painting
  • 2003
    • 'Dead East, Dead West' Interactive dance performance, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London
  • 2001
    • 'Voice', Performance using CGI imagery, guitar, participants and voice recognition software, University of Wales College Newport
  • 1995
    • '30 under 30', Traveling exhibition, Sponsored by South-East Arts
    • 'Sprung' West Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • 1994
    • 'Recent work', with Mick Rooney, Gus Cummings, Riviera Gallery, Hastings East Sussex
  • 1993
    • 'Bakers Dozen', Riviera Gallery, Hastings East Sussex
  • 1992
    • Newlyn Orion Gallery, Penzance
    • Fresh Art, London Business Center
    • Cotton Center, London -Sculptural pieces

Research Groups

Advanced Center in Drawing (Acid)


Jez Hattosh-Nemeth