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Janette Kerr RWA

Currently, a Visiting Research Fellow in Fine Art at UWE, Janette Kerr works primarily with drawing and painting. Drawn to extreme perimeters of land, her art is an index of edges and ledges, exposed headlands, wind-swept, eroded, exfoliated.

'My process of making paintings involves extremes and instabilities: peripheral vision, peripheries and promontories - sites of instability and unknowing, places of rapid change - sudden shifts both physically and meteorologically. Walking is integral to my process of making/collecting images for paintings.'

Extreme Wave Theory

Currently working on a collaborative research and development project concerning the interface between art and science, drawing upon the historical and cultural linkage between Shetland and Norway.

'This research relates to my on-going interest in making work that explores movement of sea/air/light. The project seeks to make direct visual associations between my own observational, experiential field work, Norwegian oceanographers' research on Extreme Wave Theory, and the material culture of danger - collection of accounts of historic storms, tragedies, artifacts relating to the fishing trade etc - that form an essential part of Shetland's history and narratives.

Oceanographers are concerned with the study of the unpredictability of waves and wind and constant shifting surface of the sea. While it may be argued that, of necessity, science tends more towards the objective and analytical, and that art looks more towards the subjective, nevertheless, both artists and scientists must actually move between concept and experience, and therefore between the subjective and the objective. Despite polarized methodologies (they measure with scientific precision while I 'measure' through feeling and intuition), we seek the same end: to come to an understanding with nature. In the process both artist and scientist make visual representations as part of the record'.


PhD. (Practice-based, Fine Art) University of the West of England 2005
Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, University of The West of England 1999

Current Employment

Visiting Research Fellow in Fine Art at UWE
Self employed Artist


  • 2012
    • Meteorological Institute, Bergen, Norway
    • Brisons Veor, Cape Cornwall
  • 2010
    • The Booth, Shetland (February & October)
  • 2006, 2008, 2009
    • Cill Riallaig, International artists & writers retreat, S Ireland
  • 1999
    • In House: making & installing night works in two domestic houses. Bath Fringe Festival
  • 1997
    • Grizedale Forest Art Fellowship, Cumbria
  • 1996
    • Llangatwg Comprehensive School, Neath Valley (Art Council of Wales funded).


  • 2012
    • Arts Council England award
    • Turning Point South West Bursary for The Penzance Convention
  • 2011
    • Elected President of the Royal West of England Academy
  • 2009-10
    • Arts Council England award
  • 2003
    • Elected Royal West of England Academician
  • 2000
    • Windle Trust Bursary
  • 1999
    • David Murray Studentship Award, Royal Academy Schools
  • 1996
    • Ruskin/Colle Verde Travel Bursary
  • 1995
    • 1st prize, Laing Landscape Art (SW)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2012
    • Marine Research Centre, Bergen
    • Meteorological Institute, Bergen, Norway
    • Nine Degrees North, Cadogan Contemporary, London
  • 2011
    • Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland (June), UK
  • 2010
    • St Giles Gallery, Norwich, UK
  • 2009
    • Origin Gallery, Dublin, ROI
    • Peripheral Visions - Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, UK
  • 2007
    • Edge - Hybrid Gallery, Honiton, UK
    • St Giles Gallery, Norwich, UK
  • 2004
    • Adam Gallery, Bath & London, UK
  • 2002
    • Stour Gallery, Shipston-on Stour, UK
  • 2001
    • Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath, UK
  • 1999
    • Hartnoll Gallery, London, UK
  • 1998
    • Grizedale Centre Gallery, Cumbria, UK

Group: Invited/Selected Shows

  • 2012
    • Royal Academy Summer Show, London
    • Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, UK
    • Works on Paper, Cadogan Contemporary, London, UK
    • 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Cadogan Contemporary, London
    • Abstraction, Cadogan Contemporary, London, UK
    • Open Studios, Somerset, UK
  • 2010
    • Air Gallery, Wells , Somerset, UK
    • Hampshire Art Fair Hampshire, UK
    • Open Painting Exhibition, RWA, Bristol, UK
    • Abstract, Cadogan Contemporary, London, UK
    • Cadogan Contemporary Country, Hampshire, UK
    • Fine Art & Applied Art, Ballyduff House, (Kilkenny Arts Festival), ROI
  • 2009
    • Blackbird Gallery, Kilkenny (Kilkenny Arts Festival), ROI
    • Irish Art, Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour (3 person), UK
    • Around the British Coastline - Richard Hagen Gallery, Broadway, UK
    • West Country Artists - Bowlish Gallery, Bowlish, Somerset, UK
    • Cadogan’s Country Art Show, Hampshire, UK
    • Workshop Wales Gallery, Fishguard, Wales, UK
    • Affordable Art Fair, London, UK
  • 2008
    • Edinburgh Art Fair (Bowlish Gallery), Scotland, UK
    • Cadogan’s Country Art Show, Hampshire, UK
    • Night: A Time Between - Royal West of England Academy, UK
    • Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK
    • Summer Exhibition, Cadogan Contemporary, Hampshire, UK
  • 2007
    • Earth - Rook Lane Chapel, Frome Art Festival, Somerset, UK
    • Micro-Macro - Queens Street Gallery, Emsworthy, (2 person) Hampshire, UK
    • Affordable Art Fair (Bowlish Gallery), Bristol, UK
    • Inspires Gallery, Oxford (2 person), UK
    • Alpha House Gallery, Sherbourne, Dorset, UK
    • Quartz Visual Arts Festival, Taunton, Somerset, UK
    • Bowlish Contemporary Gallery, Bowlish, Somerset, UK
    • Cadogan’s Country Art Show, Hampshire, UK
    • Sadler Street Gallery, Wells, Somerset, UK
    • Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, UK
  • 2006
    • Around the Fort - South Cadbury, UK
    • Sadler Street Gallery Christmas Show, Wells, Somerset, UK
    • Alpha House Gallery, UK
    • Somerset Art Week - open studio, Somerset, UK
    • Celtic Influence - Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, UK
    • Drawing Room - Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK
  • 2005
    • Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, UK
    • Quartz Visual Art Festival, Taunton, Somerset, UK
    • The Lie of the land - Byard Art, Cambridge, UK
    • Seven painters at Asthall Manor - Pierrepont Fine Art, UK
    • An Irish Connection - Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, UK
    • C2 Gallery, Stoke Hammond
    • The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-on-Thames, UK
    • London Art Fair (Adam Gallery) London, UK
  • 2004
    • Somerset Art Week – open studio, Somerset, UK
    • Affordable Art Fair Battersea (Stour Gallery)
  • 2003-2004
    • London Art Fair, Chelsea (Pierrepont Fine Art) London, UK
  • 2001-2004
    • Byard Art, Cambridge, UK
    • Mullan Gallery, Belfast, UK
  • 2003
    • 20th Century Art Fair, London (Adam Gallery)
    • Maltby Fine Art, Winchester, UK
    • Into the Light - Hotbath Gallery, Bath, UK
  • 2002-2003
    • Pierrepont Fine Art, Oxford, UK
  • 2001-2003
    • Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (Byard Art) London, UK
  • 2002
    • Dorset landscape - The Old Warehouse Gallery, Dorchester, UK
    • Albany Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • 2000-2002
    • 20-21st Century Art Fair, London (Anthony Hepworth), UK
    • London Art Fair, (Anthony Hepworth Fine Art) London, UK
    • Stour Gallery - Women Artists, Shipston-on-Stour, UK
  • 1999-2002
    • Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath, UK
    • Dublin Art Fair (Byard Art) Dublin, ROI
  • 2001
    • Glasgow Art Fair (Mainhill Gallery)
    • Works on Paper, London Art Fair (Byard Art) London, UK
    • Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff, Wales, UK
    • Spring Art & Antique Fair, Olympia (Anthony Hepworth Fine Art) London, UK
  • 2000
    • London Contemporary Art Fair (Anthony Hepworth Fine Art) London, UK
    • Collectors Pictures - Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath, UK
  • 1998
    • Viewpoints - Artsway, (invited artist) Dorset, UK
  • 1997
    • A Month in Tuscany - Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2012
    • Royal Academy Summer Show, London, UK
  • 2010
    • Open Painting Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK
  • 1997-2007
    • Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK
  • 2006
    • Royal Academy Summer Show, London, UK
  • 1995/97/98/2002
    • 30th Laing Seascape & Landscape Annual Competition, Mall Galleries, London, UK
  • 2000
    • Hunting Art Competition, London, UK
  • 1997
    • Millfield Summer Show, Street, Somerset, UK
  • 1996
    • Cheltenham Annual Drawing Competition, Gloucestershire, UK


  • 2010
    • Extremes and Instabilities, catalogue, limited edition
  • 2008
    • Night: A Time Between, catalogue (editor and contributor)
    • Featured artist RWA Magazine (June edition):
  • 2006
    • Fifty Wessex Artists, [Evolver] Books
  • 2005
    • Representation & Indeterminacy: A Study of Night in Painting, PhD thesis (2005)
  • 2000
    • In House Twice - Artists’ Book, Wild Conversations Press
  • 1999
    • The Painters Eye: Janette Kerr. Art Review, March 1st,
  • 1998
    • Representation & Indeterminacy: Night in landscape painting; Two Months in Darkness Landscape Research, (Spring & Summer editions).

Work in Public Collections

Dublin Office of Public Works
Royal West of England Academy Permanent Collection
Tallboys Bequest, Bristol
Victoria Art Gallery Print Collection (Bath),
Grizedale Society (Cumbria)
Colle Verde Art Trust, Tuscany
NorthLink Ferries, Aberdeen-Lerwick
Meteorological Institute, Bergen, Norway
Private collections in UK, Europe, USA, SA, Norway


Janette Kerr