Dan Shipsides

Artist’s Statement

‘Pata-perception: perceive-something, recognise-nothing, conceive-anything, cognise-everything.

Dan Shipsides / Shipsides and Beggs Projects

I guess, broadly my (our) work is ‘landscape art’. I am (we are) interested in a creative and critical relationship to place, spaces, encounters and events in all and any of its potential manifestations – political, personal, topological, psychological, phenomenological or nonsensical. My work manifests as video, image, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, music or text.

The processes of the work reflect and embody encounters – adventures and misadventures in ‘real life’ which often includes climbing and mountaineering alongside my day-to-day life and an open response to the politicized landscape of urban Belfast, where I live.

Within many of my works relating to the politicized and physical nature of space I’m often involved in appropriating and disturbing the emblematic phraseology and iconography of place and rolling this up together with my contemporary lived experience and interactions with stuff that matters, which for me includes anything, nothing is off topic, but especially the phenomenologically rich activity of climbing and mountaineering alongside more mundane aspects of daily life and events of place. It is a strange brew where a song sung by my child might sit next to the drama or serenity of a mountain crag and the news of yet another rhetorical impasse at Stormont or beyond. I call this process pata-perception (loosely, “wilful and grounded imagination”, which I elaborate to some extent in various works and talks) – it’s really a way to think about artists’ method, what artist do when they are involved in making art. Somewhere, there undoubtedly twists and turns a form of the sublimity, but one which might refer to the subtle terrors of hegemony or blatant terror of political violence as much as the terrain of the vertiginous drop or the awareness of awesomely different scales and means of apprehension. As part of this approach I often collide periods, events and places, e.g. the years around early 20th Century, the 1970’s and the present; the Dolomites and Ulster; or scale from the molecular to the data-point, to the immediate to the ecological. I do so with a concern for the visual, political and philosophical possibilities of meshing out-of-sync objects, times, places and events.

For me the term ‘landscape’ is a very leaky term, spilling from the mountains and hills to deluge the imaged streets around me and also then to swirl as data-sets, events, people, places and incidents that register in my life. All this is political, all this is present in my here and now and all this is connected.

Since 2004 many works and projects have been co-authored with Neal Beggs (shipsides and beggs projects) another artist-climber-musician based in northern France with whom I share a love of art, mountains, music and creative madness. There is often little separation between our individual practice – we have a mutual freedom to share, combine and mutate our interests.

Biog. Dan Shipsides, Former co-director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast and is an artist based in Orchid Studios and also a lecturer at the Belfast School of Art.

Dan Shipsides was awarded an AHRC Landscape and Environment Award in 2006, ACNI Major Artist Award in 2004, in 2000 won the Nissan Art Award IMMA (Bamboo Support) Dublin and 1998 won the Perspective award, OBG, Belfast (The Stone Bridge). He recent completd a moving image new work commission supported by aemi (Three Points Down to Zero) 2017.

He (inc. Shipsides and Beggs Projects) has exhibited nationally and internationally including; American University Museum-Katzen Gallery (Another Fine Mess), La Cuisine, France (The Lament of the Accolade Tree), L’Orangerie Bastogne, Belgium (Still not out of the Woods), Microclima (Venice Biennale collatoral – The Iron Way), ACCA, Melbourne (Desire Lines), The MAC, Belfast (Still not out of the woods), Aliceday Gallery, Brussels (Vigil | Star), South London Gallery (Games & Theory), Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (Radical Architecture), Wings Project Art Space, Switzerland (Performance), Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (Elastic Frontiers), Konsthall C,  Stockholm, Sweden (Under plattan, ängen!), Platform Guranti, Istanbul (Hit & Run), Confederation Gallery, PEI, Canada (Beauty Queens), HEDAH, Maastricht (Rochers à Fontainebleau), Riga Sculpture Quadrennial, Latvia (European Space), Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (Beta), Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (Pioneers), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (Sporting Life). Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (Endure), Melbourne International Biennial, Australia (Signs of Life).


Dan Shipsides (1972 Lancashire, England) is based in Orchid Studios, Belfast.

He was awarded the ACNI/British Council. International Artist Development Award. 2020,  AHRC Landscape and Environment Award – Touchstone test-piece. 2006/7/8, ACNI Major Artist Award (2004), the Nissan Art Award , IMMA (Bamboo Support, 2000) and the Perspective Award, OBG (The Stone Bridge 1998).

Recent solo and group exhibitions/projects include; South London Gallery (Games & Theory), Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (Radical Architecture), Wings Project Art Space, Switzerland (Performance), Arnolfini, Bristol (Elastic Frontiers), Platform, Istanbul (Hit & Run), Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (Pioneers), MCA, Sydney (Sporting Life). Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (Endure). The Alpine Club (Art&Mountains) and Gimpel Fils London (Nature/Culture), Melbourne International Biennial, Australia (Signs of Life).


  • 1996 – 97
    • MFA. Fine Art. Belfast. Distinction.
  • 1995 – 96
    • PGDip. Fine Art. Belfast. Distinction.
  • 1990 – 93
    • BA Hons. Fine Art. Leeds. 2:1
  • 1988 – 90
    • Blackpool College of Art.


  • 2008 – present
    • Course co-leader MA Art in Public. University of Ulster.
  • 2006 – present
    • Lecturer in Art & Design. University of Ulster
  • 1997 – 2004
    • Research Fellow and Visiting lecturer, University of Ulster. MFA Fine Art and BA..
  • 2004
    • External examiner Limerick Inst. Design and Technology.
  • 2002
    • Visiting Lecturer UNSW Sydney, Australia
  • 2000
    • Canberra School of Art. Australia
  • 2000
    • Visiting lecturer NCAD, Dublin.
  • 1999 – 2000
    • Visiting Lecturer Limerick College of Art.
  • 1997
    • Visiting lecturer Sligo college of Art.


  • 2006
    • ACNI New York – short term residency
    • Konsthal C Stockholm, Sweden 2005 and
  • 2005
    • Galerie Wandelbar, Gstaad, Switzerland .
  • 2004
    • Can Serrat. Project residency, Barcelona, Catalonia.
  • 2001-2004
    • AHRB Fellowship University of Ulster.
  • 2002
    • Network North Residency. Faroe Isles.
  • 2000
    • MCA / Sydney Rock Climbing Club, Australia.
  • 1998
    • Catalyst Arts @ IMMA Artist Works Programme, Dublin.


  • 2000
    • Bamboo Support. Trinity College Dublin.
    • Sporting Life. Museum of Contemporary Art. Sydney. Australia.
    • Sporting Life Sydney Rock Climbing Club. 50th Anniversary dinner. Katoomba, NSW.
  • 1999
    • Grotesqueness of Desire. Chicago.
  • 1998
    • Under a frogs arse at the bottom of a coalmine Catalyst Arts. MAP Baltimore. USA. . Catalyst Arts Belfast.
  • 1997
    • Hybrid Spaces. Context Gallery, Derry.
  • 1995 – 96
    • Alternative research : Rock Climbing. Ulster University.

Positions / Memberships

  • 2002-07
    • Directors / board committee Beyond, Belfast.
  • 2005 –
    • Fire Station International Studios. Board member. Dublin.
  • 2004 –
    • Research Fellow. University of Ulster, Belfast.
  • 2001
    • Maiden Voyage Board Executive member. (Dance organisation), Belfast.
  • 2001
    • AHRB Research Fellowship. University of Ulster. 1997 – Ormeau Baths Gallery Gallery technician, Belfast.
  • 1997 – 99
    • Catalyst Arts Co Director, Belfast. Curated:
      • Fables of Desire Video programme.
      • Fix 98
      • Right time wrong place, friend,
      • Play & Record Roderick Buchanan and Fanni Niemi-Junkola.
      • Day out for the Daleks Proposition Gallery, Belfast and touring.
      • Catalyst Newsletter editor and contributor inc.
      • Alien Probe – Newsletter article Sep 1997.
      • On The Buses Touring live art event. Ireland, Scotland and northern England. GPS Platform publication, Dublin.
  • 1997
    • Proposition Gallery Co founder, Belfast.
  • 1996
    • Orchid Studios Co Director. 1996 Disinformation member. Leeds.
  • 1995
    • Catalyst Arts member. Belfast.
  • 1993
    • Oblong Studios Founder member. Leeds.
  • 1990 – 95
    • Lackadayzk, Rug and Box band member. Leeds
    • Cabaret Deluxe Multimedia performance / music events. Studio Theatre and Duchess of York. 1994
    • Speed + Distance / time Multimedia event. The Old Library. Leeds. 1993

Upcoming / current exhibitions & projects

Selected Exhibitions / Projects

* denotes solo exhibition / project / presentation

  • 2021
    • What they didn’t know was… Dan Shipsides / Shipsides & Beggs Projects. Group show Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast.*
    • Portrait of Northern Ireland: neither an elegy nor a manifesto. Group show commissioned by the NI Office and curated by Shan McAnena. Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.
  • 2020
    • Another Fine Mess. Shipsides & Beggs Projects. American University Museum at the Katzen Art Center, Washington DC. USA (inc. premiere of the Where the Lines End moving image work and prototype of The Crossings music/audio work.*
    • The Sky is Blue. Group show inc. Shipsides & Beggs Projects. Curated by Emma-Lucy O’Brien, Jo Mangan Carlow and Katie Holten. VISUAL CARLOW.
    • Comings and going on the long journey home. Marianne Vieulès + Shipsides & Beggs Projects. La Metive, France.
  • 2019
    • Wabash Cannonball – Charcoal, Iron, Crystal, Granite. Shipsides and Beggs Projects. Bbeyond Citizengage. Belfast.*
  • 2018
    • Lament of the Accolade Tree. Shipsides & Beggs Projects. Solo show, La Cuisine Centre, France.*
    • Zombie Line, Wire & the Wheel. Dan Shipsides / SBP. New Spaces. T5 Field Cinema Walled Brewery site (Ebrington Barracks), Derry. Curated by Alice Butler.*
    • Decimation in A-flat and F-minor. Shipsides & Beggs composition performed by Caroline Scotton. La Cuisine, France.*
  • 2017
    • PORT/RIVER/CITY AEMI Moving Image commission. Dublin Docklands.*
    • PRE-FIX. Decimation in D. Shipsides and Beggs Projects. Organised by Catalyst Arts and Microclima in the Giardini at the Venice Biennale.
    • The Cove. Stage performance of collaborative work with Echo Echo Dance. National tour.
  • 2016
    • No Shooting in this Area. Shipsides and Beggs Projects. Collective show at Le Bel Ordinaire, Espace d’art contemporain, French Pyrenees. Kendal International Mountain Festival. Dan Shipsides / Shipsides and Beggs Projects presenting at the Kendal Mountain Festival. Exhibition at the Brewery Arts Centre and screenings and talk as part of the festival.
  •  2015
    • Fitter Happier, More Productive. Source Arts Centre. Thurles. Curated by Annette Maloney.
    • Gothic Cinema. Shipsides and Beggs Projects. Performance recording & screening. Chateau Gontier, France.
    • Still Not Out Of The Woods. Shipsides & Beggs Pro. L’Orangerie, Espace d’art Contemporain Bastogne, Belgium.*
    • Art of the Troubles. Group survey show. Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
    • CROSSOVERSTAR & Mortar | Device. Dan Shipsides. Meta-perception. Centre Culturel Irlandais. Paris.
  • 2013
    • CATALYST ARTS: Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art X. Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
    • FRONTIERS & OTHER SONGS OF FREEDOM Neal Beggs / Shipsides & Beggs CIAC, Carros, France
    • Dream Catcher: Neal Beggs / Shipsides & Beggs Projects. Galerie Dourven, France.
  • 2012
    • Desire Lines. Solo commission* and group survey exhibition. ACCA, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Juliana Engberg
    • The COVE Collaboration with Echo Echo Dance. Touring production (Legacy Trust UK funded)
    • STILL NOT OUT OF THE WOODS. Shipsides and Beggs Projects. The MAC, Belfast.*
    • EVILSPORT & ULTRA RUN. Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London. Two person show + Veronique Chance.
  • 2011
    • BIVACCO | STAR, Dan Shipsides. The Third Space Gallery Belfast. Solo show*.
    • VERTICAL. NATURE. BASE. Collaboration with Echo Echo dance co. Legacy Trust Olympic project. Dan Shipsides screenings. Curated by Miguel Amado. Abrons Art Center. New York. April 2011
    • VIGIL STAR. Aliceday Gallery Brussels. Dan Shipsides and Shipsides and Beggs Projects. (Dan Shipsides Solo show)
    • Still Not Out of the Woods. Aliceday Gallery Brussels. (Neal Beggs Solo show).
    • Dan Shipsides screenings. Curated by Miguel Amado. Abrons Art Center. New York.
  • 2010
    • DEATH TO DELAWAB. Group show, Delawab Art Space, Belfast. Shipsides and Beggs Projects.
    • All over the place. (Montgros 32days)The Stanley & Audrey Burton, Leeds. Land2 Group show.
    • Next chapter.JEMA at Raccolte Frugone Museum, Italy. Group show.
    • Next chapter.JEMA at GTG, Belfast. Group show.
    • Re: Public. (6star)Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. Phase 2 commission. Group show. Curated by Daniel Jewesbury.
    • Politics & Public Space (Alternative Ulster, LET’S GET HIGH, Sorry)Issue#4. www.supermassiveblackholemag.com
    • Dark Mountain. (San Lorenzo Direct) Film programme / exhibition. www.dark-mountain.net
    • Art Rebels. Catalyst Arts. Ex directors group show. Belfast.
    • Next chapter. JEMAat GTG Belfast, Group show.
    • Next chapter. JEMA at Raccolte Frugone Museum, Italy. Group show.
    • All over the place. (Montgros 32days) The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery. Leeds. Land2group show
  • 2009
    • The Munter Hitch. Two person show with Seamus Harahan. GTgallery, Belfast.
    • AN-NEX. Art School generation, Bouy Park. MA Art in Public project. Belfast
    • Visual Force. GTG Belfast. Curated by Slavka Sverakova.
    • *Pan 360.Mermaid Centre, Bray, Dublin, Ireland Solo show.
    • *T5 field cinema. Project launch at Fix 09 live art Biennial, Catalyst Arts Belfast.
    • Participant in: ‘Hole Drilling Project’ Durational installation, 160th Anniversary of Art & Design School, University of Ulster, Belfast.
    • Figuring Landscapes. Group exhibition. Ivan Doherty Gallery COFA Sydney , Australia.
    • Figuring Landscapes Tate Modern. Video programme and symposium.
    • Figuring Landscapes. Touring video programme. UK and Australia. Inc. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Showroom – Sheffield, Chapter Arts – Cardiff, Bureau – Salford, Vivid – Birmingham, Cinematheque – Brighton, Hull
    • Short Film festival and FACT – Liverpool. Then Australia inc. Gallery Modern Art, Brisbane. Curated by Catherine Elwes.
  • 2008
    • Users’ End. Group show (with Denicolai& Provoost, Geys, Beggs, Moore) Be-Part Gallery, Waregem, Belgium.
    • Art, Media and Contested Spaces. Public art billboard project. Interface, Belfast.
    • All over the place.Group show. UWE, Bristol.
    • Figuring Landscapes. Group show. Artsway. The New Forest. Tour launched: TATE Modern February 2009 Dundee Contemporary Arts February, 2009 FACT, Liverpool March, 2009 Vivid, Birmingham February, 2009 Showroom, Sheffield April, 2009 Glimmer, 7th Hull International Short Film April, 2009 Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff May, 2009 Site Festival, Stroud Valley Artspace June, 2009 Cinecity – Brighton Film Festival November, 2009 Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray September, 2009 Australia Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney April, 2009 Gallery Modern Art, Brisbane July, 2009 eMerge Media Space, James Cook University, Townsville February 2010 Melbourne Cinémathèque, April, 2010
    • Ardous intent. (The Hanging)Tulca 2008. Group show (collab. with Neal Beggsand Tibaut Espiau). Galway Arts Centre.
    • Echo Valley / A Guiding Dilemma. Touchstone Testpiece AHRC project. Void Gallery. Derry. Solo.*
    • Soundeye. Festival of words. Group show. Cork. Curated by Fergal Gaynor.
    • Games & Theory. Group Show. South London Gallery. Curated by Kit Hammonds.
    • Embedded. Group show. Gimpel Fils. London. Curated by David Waterworth.
    • Colloquium on Creativity and Walking. Screening. School of Design, University of Leeds.
    • Drawing a line. Group show. International Photography Gallery of Haerbin, China.
  • 2007
    • Radical Architecture. Castlefield Gallery (curated by Salford Restoration Office) Manchester. Solo show.*
    • The Double Image. Curated by Dougal Mckenzie. GTgallery group show. Belfast
    • Art Rocks (Hillsborough Mountain Film Festival). Hillsborough, N.Ireland.*
    • Visual Deflections. Roxy Bar and Screen, London. Video screenings.
    • High Ground. Shepherd’s Hut, Campsie, Glasgow.*
    • Movements of distraction. Videoism #8, Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, Group show, France.
    • Somethings you may have missed. GtGallery, Group show, Belfast.
    • New Art from Northern Ireland. Katzen Arts center, Group show, Washington.
    • Let’s get High. Community outreach and billboard project. GtGallery, Belfast.
    • Malmeter scale (Route 95 Bruxelles) Public text work. BruxellesBravo art festival. Group show.
  • 2006

    • Elastic Frontiers. Solo project. Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol.*Curated by Micheal Prior
    • Performance. Wings Art Project Space, Geneva, Switzerland. With Uriel Orlow.Curated by Victoria Preston
    • Uneasy Spaces. Group show. 80 Washington Sq. East Gallery. New York. Curated by Liz Wells
    • Exchange places. Belfast / Quebec exchange. Optimism / pessimism. Performance.
    • Under plattan, ängen! Konsthall C / Lava Kulturhuset. Stockholm, Sweden.* Curated by Finbar Rossato
    • Drawing a line Grove gallery, St Patrick’s centre Downpatrick. Group show.
    • Breathing Ground Coed Hills rural art project. Group show. Wales.
    • Beauty Queens Art Gallery of Newfoundland, Canada. International touring show.
    • Flat pack vertigo Galerie Wandlebar. Solo exhibition. Gstaad, Switzerland.*
    • Masters MFA 25yrs on. Group show. OBG Belfast
  • 2005

    • 24-7 DwellTemporary public art project. Parliamentary triangle. Canberra. Australia.
    • No topless bathing – Belfast has suffered enough . Group show. Sala Naranja, Valencia, Spain.
    • In Place of Passing. Beyond. International performances. North Antrim Coast.
    • Beyond landscape. Royal West Academy. Lan2d Group show. Bristol.
    • Beauty Queens. Art Gallery of Victoria, Canada. International touring show.
    • LOT. Posters pints pies. Poster show. Group show. Bristol.
    • Performance on an edge. Circa art magazine. Spring 2005 issue.
    • The Belfast Way. Museum of Herzilya, Israel/Palestine.
  • 2004

    • Hit & Run. ( Manta ray / San Lorenzo ) Smart Project Space / Platform, Istanbul.
    • Beyond landscape. Deanclough Halifax.Lan2d Group show.
    • Thinking of Ideas. Group show. Golden Thread Galley, Belfast.
    • Beauty Queens. Confederation Centre Gallery, PEI Canada.Touring groupshow.
    • Retreat. Citylights, Any minute now, group show, Melbourne Australia.
    • European Space. International Sculpture Quadrennial. Riga, Latvia.
    • Frieze revolution / Rochers à Fontainebleau.HEDAH.Solo show.Maastricht.
    • Beta. Golden Thread gallery. Belfast. Solo show.
    • The Short Span. Millennium Court gallery. Portadown. N. Ireland Solo show.
    • Rogues gallery. Catalyst Arts, Belfast. Group show.
  • 2003

    • Rochers à Fontainebleau. Context Gallery, Derry. Solo Show.
    • Radio Radio. Curated radio broadcast: Bruce Haines/Dom Chennell. London.
    • Think Over. Rialto Santambrogio. Rome. Group show.
    • Pioneers. Temple Bar Gallery. Dublin. Solo show.
    • Pioneers. Source photographic magazine. Inc. audio CD.
    • Bridges. Lan2d. University of Western England. Group show.
    • Vacuum – Raffle. Fundraising exhibition. Belfast Exposed. Group show.
    • Edelweiss. Centre Chorégraphic National de Montpellier, France.
    • New additions. National Self-Portrait Collection. Limerick. Ireland. Group show.
    • Videoserver. Smart project space Liste03 Basel. Switzerland. Group show.
    • Factotum presents. Context Gallery, Derry. Group show.
    • The National Gallery. Return Gallery, Goethe Institute, Dublin. Group show.
    • The Quest of the Golden Fleeced. Vacuum issue 3. Publication, Belfast.
  • 2002
    • Art+Mountains conquistadors of the useless The Alpine Club. London.
    • Cluster Bowes Bar, Temple Bar Gallery project, Dublin.
    • Endure Smart Project Space, Group show. Amsterdam.
    • Network North Residency Faroe Isles.
    • Appropriate OBG, Group show. Belfast.
    • Precinct Billboard project. Catalyst Arts. Belfast.
    • Cast Oriel Mostyn Open. Group show. Llandudno, Wales.
    • 09061337770 Proposition Gallery. Solo show. Belfast.
  • 2001
    • It’s all over, again. Proposition Gallery, Belfast. Place in the Market. Beyond. St. Georges Market, Belfast.
    • National LiveAart Review platform. Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
    • The way to Cold Mountain. Morning Star publications. Edinburgh.
    • EV+A. Limerick. Ireland.
  • 2000
    • Sporting Life. 2000 Sydney Olympics Arts Festival. Museum Contemporary Art. Australia.
    • Bamboo Support. Nissan Art Project for the Millenium. IMMA. Dublin.
    • The notice day in this factory is Thursday. Group Show. Het Consortium, Amsterdam Perspective 2000. OBG. Belfast.
    • Same as last year. Proposition Gallery Belfast. Dopplarity. Bank Tube Station and Hiscox Gallery. London.
    • The notice day in this factory is Thursday. Group show. The Golden Thread Gallery. Belfast.
  • 1999
    • Barbie on the beach. Group show. Proposition Gallery, Belfast.
    • Performing generations. Art Gallery of Victoria, Canada.
    • Passport. Morning Star publication, Edinburgh.
    • Culture / Nature. Group show. Gimpel Fils Gallery. London.
    • Culture / Nature. Group show. Hales Gallery. London.
    • HorseHead. International public art project. Belfast.
    • Signs of Life. Melbourne International Biennial, Australia.
    • The Grotesquesness of Desire. Group Show. insideART gallery. Chicago. USA.
    • Performing generations, group show. Art Gallery of Mississuaga, Toronto, Canada.
    • Studio Doodles. University of Ulster. Group show of ex-MFA students. Belfast.
  • 1998
    • Perspective 98. Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast.
    • MUU festival video screening. Helsinki.
    • V/O. Catalyst Arts collaborative work from IMMA residency research programme. Dublin.
    • Hardline. Group exhibition – drawings. Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
    • Fables of Desire. Video screening Fix 98. Belfast.
    • Radar @ Generator. Dundee. collaboration with R. McKinley. Trek. R.A.P. Limerick.
    • Reverend Tods Full House. Grassy Knoll, Belfast.
    • Still to Real Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
    • Inca Trail. Slide exhibition organised by Transmission Gallery. Stockholm Art Fair.
  • 1997
    • Moving. City Projects. Bristol.
    • Northern gallery for Contemporary art, Sunderland as part of Connected.
    • Tutor with an idea. 3 Month Gallery. Liverpool.
    • 2 ½ years from now. Group show. MFA. Belfast.
    • Phooey!! Video installation. Two person show. 3 Month Gallery. Liverpool.
    • Bivouac. Solo exhibition of cibachrome video stills Belfast Exposed Gallery. .
    • Antimatter. Video screenings. 3 Month Gallery. Liverpool.
    • Video cats – Launch. Video artists – touring compilation show. Catalyst Arts. Belfast.
    • In from the outside, performance as part of Elastic frontiers Site gallery, Sheffield. .
    • Under a frogs arse at the bottom of a coalmine. Installation / performance. Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
    • The last minute. Time based festival video screenings. Cooper Gallery, Dundee.
    • Between margin and main. Painting installation. Solo show. Context Gallery, Derry.
    • Irish & Scottish art. Group show. Burgwedel e.v. Hannover Germany.
    • Art 97. London art fair. Representing / presenting Catalyst Arts.
    • Proposition 3 person show gallery launch. Proposition Gallery, Belfast.
  • 1996
    • Open plan, group members show. Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
    • Splatter, site specific group exhibition. Crawfordsburn Hse. N. Ireland.
    • Tangled group show. 3 week performance. Ross’ Court Gallery, Belfast.
    • Disinformation project Group show, House Style. Leeds. Bedroom Gallery, Belfast.
    • Stain landscape. Installation. Solo show. Bedroom Gallery, Belfast.
    • Oceanic. 3 person show. Chat Noir Gallery, London.
  • 1995
    • Group show. Chat Noir Gallery, London.
    • Printmakers Council. Letherby Gallery, London.
    • Printmakers Council. Scarborough Art Gallery.
    • 2 person show. Granary Wharf Gallery, Leeds.
    • Studio group show. Granary Wharf Gallery, Leeds.
  • 1993
    • 80th Anniversary of London Group open group show . Barbican Gallery, London.
    • BA show. Leeds Metro Gallery.


ACNI/British Council. International Artist Development Award. 2020

AHRC Landscape and Environment Award – Touchstone test-piece. 2006/7/8ACNI Major artist award 04-05.
AHRB Fellowship 2001-4.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation nomination 2001
Nissan Art Award. IMMA. Dublin 2000.
Perspective Award. OBG Belfast 1998.
ACNI Travel Award 2002 ACNI Individual Artist Award 2001.
ACNI Individual Artist Award 1998.
Artflight award to Amsterdam 2000.
Artflight award to New York 1997.
Visual arts bursary , Arts Council of Ireland 1999
Material / documentation award, The Arts Council of Ireland 1999.
Go See Award, Arts Council Of Ireland 1998.


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