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shadows trace undercurrents


stu1October 16 - November 17 2012

Katherine E. Nash Gallery
Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota
405 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455

An international group exhibition of mapping unseen and unacknowledged pasts that continue to structure present-day social relations.
Curated by Christine Baeumler and Joyce Lyon

Public Reception
Thursday October 18 6-8pm
Presentation by Talya Chalef and Kelly Ryall in the Regis-in-Flux Space, 4 - 5pm
Sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study Thursdays at Four

Public Panels
Friday October 19 1-5pm
Rapson Hall Auditorium
In Conjuction with the Mapping Spectral Traces Network Symposium

Companion Show: A Sense of Place in Artist Books
October 12 - December 12 2012, ALA Library Gallery, Room 210 Rapson Hall
Curated by Karen Kinoshita

Public Reception
Friday 19 October 2012 6:30-8:30pm
all events are free, open to the public and wheelchair accessible

Further information:

Carolyn Lee Anderson, Christine Baeumler, Dr. Iain Biggs, Margaret Cogswell, Jim Denomie, Jan Estep, Jil Evans, Wing Young Huie, Emily Johnson, Peter L. Johnson, Ruth Jones, Seitu Jones, Gülgün Kayim, Rebecca Krinke, Dr. Gini Lee, Lynn Lukkas, Joyce Lyon, Antony Lyons, Mary Modeen, Simon Read, Elaine Rutherford, Megan Rye, Mel Shearsmith, Mona Smith, Keith Taylor, Sandra Menefee Taylor, Judith Tucker in collaboration with Harriet Tarlo, and Amy Waksmonski.

These events are part of Mapping Spectral Traces; A Dakota Place, a 2012 - 2013 IAS Research and Creative Collaborative