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Close to Home : Artists Reconsider the Local


An exhibition and symposium to celebrate ten years of the network Land2. A collaboration between Land2,
East Street Arts and the School of Design, University of Leeds.

The Exhibition

This exhibition is a development of network Land2's ongoing research into how art practices might contribute to a nuanced understanding of specific places and their communities. All the artists in this exhibition engage with places in their immediate vicinity. The works on show offer ways to make sense of the complexity of experiences, histories and activities in these localities. There is an interrogation of the quotidian, the everyday, the familiar, the marginalised and the unnoticed.
Opens 11th - 30th July Monday to Friday 12pm - 6pm

The Symposium

The symposium sets out to open up adiscussion about the relationship between the local, visual art and cultural geography, and what relevance such an exploration might have in the contemporary situation.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Karen Till, NUl Maynooth, invited speaker: Tina Richardson, University of Leeds

20th July Symposium 12:00 - 19:00 - this event is free but please book with

Private View 19:00 - 21:00


lain Biggs, Clare Burnett, Anne-Marie Creamer, Gail Dickerson, Phillipa Dobson, Anne Eggebert, Sheila Gaffney, Deborah Gardner, John Harper, Fraga Hondartza, Lily Markiewicz, Paddy McEntaggart, Mick McGraw, Mary Modeen, Melanie Rose, Jane Rushton, Matthew Shelton, Harriet Tarlo, Andrea Thoma, Rebecca Thomas, Patricia Townsend, Susan Trangmar, Judith Tucker, David Walker Barker, Paul Wilson.


East Street Arts
Patrick Studios
St Marys Lane