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Friday 14th October 2005

Visit to the site of Cambokeels mine. Collected papers strewn across the floor of the derelict office - the actual miners' signatures for boots and overalls - everyday working details from between 1974 and 1982. Scraps of paper that recall only vague histories of everyday transactions. The mines listed in these records, Cambo, Redburn, Burtree Pasture. Seemingly inconsequential details but a fortunate discovery. Cambo's dereliction is almost total, the horse level of 1847 and the new Decline put down in the 1970's and now flooded to the roof, sheds and the old explosive store that I still recall from my first visit here in 1973 remain. It is a sad but fascinating place. I spent a considerable time looking around for anything useable and ended up collecting all manner of bits and pieces. Moved on to the site of Boltsburn Mine at Rookhope revisiting the riverside exposure comprising the old mine dumps. Walked along the side of Rookhope Burn to Boltsburn West Level. Recent landscaping has revealed substantial amounts of fluorite and ironstone from the disturbed waste-heaps, material presumably from the ironstone flats. Spent time collecting samples of fluorite DWB